Our goal is to help small businesses create websites and discover their potential on the web — regardless of their needs, story, or experience. We don't just want to get people online — we want them to thrive online and grow online.

With that always in mind, we've made it our mission to deliver our customers with the best value and a superior web experience.

Once upon a time...

The story of StartLogic (as it's known today) begins in a basement with a vision ... a vision of a couple, young startup-entrepreneurs, eager to help small businesses get up and running online.

Since then, the brand has grown tremendously, both in size and power. It now serves over 50,000 customers who are supported by top-notch employees from all over the globe.

Oh, and did we mention that we operate on a world-class platform with some of the most powerful servers in the industry?

We are proud of our roots and background, and even prouder of how far we've come.

Our greatest strength is working together.

We mean it when we say that our team is chock-full of tech-savvy experts, genius engineers, no-nonsense leaders and unparalleled support agents. And while each person is a force to be reckoned with in the hosting world, we're at our best when we collaborate.

That's why we've teamed up some of the best in the industry who share in our mission. And together, we are enhancing and strengthening our ability to give our customers all that they deserve. From powerful site builders to super security tools, we are undoubtedly made better through our partnerships.

Working hand-in-hand with Google

In 2011, Google chose StartLogic as a partner in their effort to help small businesses get online. Together, we've implemented a program, Get Your Business Online, that not only provides the tools and services people need to build websites and attract more visitors, but also with the education and knowledge it takes to grow and succeed.